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Frank is a partially sighted artist on the autism spectrum and is slowly losing his vision to a disease of the retina. His work is quick and distinctive and he is confident he’ll be able to continue creating his unique pieces even when he loses his sight.

Frank Louis Allen's art style is quick and creative. He works without any preconceived plan, letting the art emerge naturally and organically, and achieves this by distracting himself just enough so that the lines are "free to be what they will be." In fact, he rarely has any plan for any picture

This 29 x 21" piece comes matted and framed by the artist.

 Please note: The cost of packaging and shipment in the UK and outside will incur additional shipment charges according to material, size and weight, which will be emailed once weight of package and distance calculated. Once payment has been made for the shipment, it will be sent.

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Welcome to The Autism Trust and Polly's Place Shop & Gallery, A Vocational training & support centre for Individuals with autism & families. All products and art are crafted by individuals with autism, or the families and supporters.

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