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'A huge thank you to all our wonderful fundraisers and donors, your generosity is extremely appreciated and will help to make the future brighter for people on the autism spectrum.'

Some of the incredibly kind people who have recently given their time/services and generous donations to The Autism Trust UK

Generous Donations from all at


  We wish to send our sincere thanks to all at for the wonderful donation to support us in our valuable work.

Bravo Amici - What a night !

Massive thanks for their incredible talent and the generosity of all who supported them, it was a fabulous night for us all ! Raising a huge £5,000.

 Iris Naokes (AKA Deb Nash's Mum)

Wonderful Autism Grandmother Iris Noakes has done it again with her amazing Christmas Stall full of specially picked Gift Bags, made and sold with Love, raising a crucial £400. She also collected £30 in coins too. Awesome Iris, Thank you !


DEC 2016 - Thank you once again Iris and team for raising a fantastic £400 for the charity. We are eternally Grateful.  

 Personnel Selection

A Huge Big Thank You to Louisa Leyland & Emma Cluskey from Personnel Selection, Frimley for their Donation of £200, instead of sending Christmas Cards they choose a charity to send £200 each year to. We were the very lucky recipients this year. It is a very, very welcome donation. 

    Fund Raiser Meal 

The wonderful generous people at So Asia Restaurant, Camberley. Very kindly let us hold a fund raiser. Lovely people,service and food!  A big Thank you to Rodney Dell who entertained us on the night. Also huge thanks to all  who bought tickets as you helped us raise a very needed £530. 

        Mandi Rodwell               

All of the printing of the cards for the Christmas Card Design Competition, was very kindly sponsored by autism mum Mandi Rodwell of   £250 Raised so far by the sale of the packs.

You can still buy the packs for next Christmas:                                              

             Alli & Mike Edwards with Jeremy Nash

These wonderful autism parents gave up their precious time to come from Shropshire to help us decorate the Craft room to make it more homely.They didn't stop there either, they also helps paint the bare pipes and the stained ceiling tiles.


 We needed a new boiler for our New Space in Camberley and these heroes came to our aid. Thank you for sponsoring all the Materials & for the Boiler Installation on 10th October 2015. 

 EcoTechnicians – Company - Materials Sponsored:

Rob Whitney- Honeywell - EvoHome Controller System, Hot water kit and radiator controllers. And his Time on the day.

Adam Chapman - Chapmans Plumbers - Surveys job & CO Alarm. And time on the day.

Dan Robinson - Jennings Heating Ltd -Filling loop + Ladders. And time on the day.

Wayne Kirby - Kirby Pumbing & Heating- Cleaner, inhibitor & 15ml scale reducer. Sand, cement & plaster. And time on the day.                          

Marc Boccetti  Luke William Shellis – Shellis Gas Services - Spirotec MB3 & RV2. And time on the day.                           

Con Millar -Tubing. And time on the day.

Luke - 28 & 22 mm copper tubing. And time on the day.

Billy King - Prestige Plumbing & Building Services. - 30m of 28mm tube, Meter union, 28mm clips,22mm gas lever valve, 15 and 22mm stop cocks. And time on the day.

Grant Southall - Shock arrestor/22mm 15mm stop cock/22mm 15 lever valve.

Mark Campbell - New Boiler from Integas.

Harvey Waters Softeners - Water Softener Unit.

Millar Plumbing & Heating - Fittings.

Paresh Vekaria -10 thermostatic bulldog valves & £100 donation. (All a RRP of £5,000)

 Adam & Joel Carr came back to install the Water Softener sponsored by Remco Van Triest Engineering Group - including Salt blocks reserve + Pipe insulation.(RRP £1,200) But there really is no price you can put to the kindness shown us throughout this whole project saving us!

An incredible DIYSOS job by some very big hearted guys, you rock!

 Wakil Jameer  

Thank you so much Wakil Sameer and his lovely niece Sairah, for helping with our printers set up and the leak. The heavens opened but they sent you to help ! All your amazing help was so appreciated !

 Also thank you for stepping in to buy a new Printer for us when the other one died. Your kind donation is being used daily. Thank you!

  Dafydd Gomez Evans 

Thank you so much to Dafydd Gomez Evans for being an incredibly generous person to kindly donate a Henry Hoover and Fridge when he saw our wish list.

 Moving Day 

Besides the wonderful volunteers at the Trust we must have a roll call of lovely people who also came to help us Move on 18th June 2015 to our new home in Camberley. Thanks to: Denise, Andres & Kathleen Humberstone. Pat & Lucy Martin from SANAWAY who lent is their van and helped pack. David Wilson, Andy Phillipse, Tony Wilson, Bev Chessun, Lucy Murray, Jill Chappell, Emeshe, Tanya Gorton, Andy Coughlin, Benedict Guilbert Scott, Laura Beer and Jane Stevens for all your car trips too. Stars all of you!

   New Tin Tins Cantonese Restaurant, Telford Fundraiser Event

The New Tin Tins Cantonese Restaurant, Telford hosting a fundraising event in aid of The Autism Trust on New Years Eve, autism Mother Alli Edwards put us forward and helped create a fantastic night for all. We received a £1,000 from the event. Thank you so very much to everyone involved!. 

These are just some of the amazing fundraisers through the 'Just Giving' website - Take a looks at all the others who have been doing truly wonderful things to raise funds for us !

 Denise Humberstone - Isle of Wight Walk 

Autism Mum Denise Humberstone walked an amazing 106km in 33hrs 30mn!! 14hrs of constant rain, throughout the night with boots leaking and even waterproofs starting to fail! She said the spectacular scenery eased the pain but half the participants withdrew!!! So Brilliant Stamina Denise. Well Done !  - Raised an incredible £2,330.92 

   Hope Anscomb's 'A year to make a difference' 

Autism supporter Hope Anscomb was dedicated to helping The Autism Trust provide futures with purpose for young adults with autism. Motivated and inspired by her friends with autism, she's devoted 12 months to attempting ridiculous feats all in the name of autism.

Follow her on her blog and donate to her justgiving page. 

Hula Hooping

To round off her herculean fundraising year, Hope held a wonderful Ball.                                     Over the year she raised an Incredible £6,402.50 !

 See her Just Giving page for full details !  Her sister very kindly raised some as well. raised a super £104!

                                                          Many thanks to both, we love you loads!

 Charlie's Sponsor my Stoptober - Ongoing

Charlie Edwards, Youth Board Member and wonderful to his autistic brother Jon, is fundraising by doing a sponsored Stoptober for The Autism Trust because autistic children need a secure future..  Congratulations and Huge Thanks to Charlie as he achieved his target on time. Raising a wonderful £1,022.82. 


 The amazing autism mum Michelle Pateman fundraised for The Autism Trust and raised a fantastic £1,300.00

 Tracey Bonser . Running for Ryan - Completed event. 

Tracey Bonser was fundraising for The Autism Trust, Tracey ran for her cousin Ryan, who was 16 years old and he has Autism. Autism is a disorder of the brain which affects the way that the sufferer processes information and the world around them. Because Ryan has Autism his future, and those who also suffer, seems very uncertain. Getting and keeping a job is a hugh undertaking and most employers won't employ someone with Autism. This is where The Autism Trust comes in. See the rest of her Marathon story here:                                                                                          Raised  a wonderful £584.20 

 Other resent donations -

In memory of The Late Harriet Barber   

At the wishes of Harriet, Polly's sister, very kind donations from family & friends were donated to The Autism Trust.

                                                                                                                                      Donations of £481.50

Grove Hill Ladies Club, Frimley

After having a talk and table sale the wonderful ladies at The Grove Hill Ladies Club, allocated the whole years fundraising efforts in support of the Trust's valuable work. 

                                                                                                                                       Donations of £330

Sunninghill Victorian Street Fayre Committee

The Sunninghill and Ascot Parish Council who organise and run the Sunninghill Victorian Street Fayre  kindly made a donation to the trust from the fundraising of day.

They also thanked us for our help in wrapping the presents for Santa's Grotto.    Donation of £500

St John's School, Leatherhead

Bella Tommey and the School Student Council at St John's school, Leatherhead, nominated The Autism Trust as their Charity of the Year, and raised a whopping and incredible amount for the trusts work to continue.                                                                                                                                    Donations of £19,376.78

Cranleigh School

The wonderful students and staff at Cranleigh School held a Muffty Day to raise funds for The Autism Trust.                                                                                                                                                        Donations of £700

Glynis Barber & Micheal Brandon - MR & MRS Show

Patron Glynis Barber and her husband Michael named The Autism Trust as their chosen charity after winning the MR & MRS TV Show. We were proud to accept the cheque, they got to keep the clock :)

                                                                                                                                       Donations of £20,000



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