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The Autism Trust feels very privileged to be able to offer our individuals with an autism spectrum condition, a chance to take recognized courses in 'Employability' in a real 'live' working environment.

'The Employability qualifications provides a framework for developing and recognising general employability skills. They are suitable for use with post-16 learners and for SEN sectors.

ASDAN was given full endorsement for the Employability qualifications by Asset Skills, the Sector Skills Council which had responsibility for Employability skills and qualifications. ASDAN featured in a report commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and UKES which reviewed the impact of generic Employability qualifications.'

For more details on Employability Certifcates please follow link



                                     Our Gallery of Success 


Congratulations to Natalie, Aisling and Ryan on receiving their Certificates for ASDAN Employability Qualifications. 



             Natalie attained a Level 1 Certificate               Aisling attained a Level 1 Certificate 
             In Employability.                                                In Employability.


 Ryan attained an ASDAN Entry 2 Award in 'Communicating with others at work',
'Learning through work experience' and 'Maintaining work standards'.
Then went on to achieve the Full Certification Entry Level 2
In Employability.  

Well Done to you all for your hard work.

We are very proud of you!




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