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Polly Tommey established The Autism Trust in 2007 after her son Billy was diagnosed with autism. The Autism Trust is a registered charity 1117657

"Being told that your precious child has autism can be heart breaking and frightening. My son Billy was diagnosed with severe autism when he was just over two years old. That was back in 1998. I am happy to say that we have come a long way since that time. He is now 26 years old and is described as "high functioning" and his progress is ongoing. That progress is due in no small part to the excellent biomedical and educational interventions we were able to access for him."

Through a variety of campaigns in the UK and US, we raised awareness about autism. 

In June 2012, we established the UK headquarters in Sunninghill complete with a Polly's Place social enterprise shop featuring handmade products beautifully crafted by people with autism, Asperger's and related conditions and their families.

In 2013, Polly - moved to the Austin,Texas USA with hopes of providing  individuals with an autism spectrum condition and related disorders an opportunity to develop vocational skills there. Her new charity is now a wonderful place for adults with autism to live, work and thrive.



In June 2015, As we had outgrown the Sunninghill building we needed to move to a larger space and found a wonderful new home in the town center of Camberley, Surrey. Giving us a boost to our charity profile and more access to outreach training for the individuals with autism that we train. It will mean being able to help a larger number of people.


Our objective is simple: to create a future with purpose for young adults with autism everywhere. The concept is based on providing employment and training opportunities, available at Polly's Place in Camberley, Surrey. UK

The next phases of The Autism Trust involve building a new residential and outreach centre where adults with autism and other related disabilities are provided with expert services to support their health, maximize their skills and talents, offer work and residential living and fundamentally to be healthy, happy, safe and to live a life that's not yet available for them today.



We are providing a much needed support facility to enable individuals with an autism spectrum condition and related disorders an opportunity to develop vocational skills by creating art pieces and crafts that are sold within our boutique social enterprise store Polly's Place in the UK. IMPLEMENTED. 


Extending and supporting work and vocational opportunities via an additional ASDAN Employability Certification, encompassing manufacturing, retail, office and social media work experiences at the Training Centre.IMPLEMENTED



Move the UK Head Office to a larger building in order to maximise the number of people with autism we can train in vocational skills. IMPLEMENTED
Building a new residential and outreach center where adults with an autism spectrum disorder and other related conditions can live safe, healthy and purposeful in the UK. 
Mission Statement:

The Autism Trust is a Christian based organization committed to serving individuals, families, and communities living with autism. We strive to provide futures with purpose for all individuals by offering vocational, educational, wellness, and semi-independent residential support in an environment rich with physical, spiritual, and emotional support.


Welcome to The Autism Trust and Polly's Place Shop & Gallery, A Vocational training & support centre for Individuals with autism & families. All products and art are crafted by individuals with autism, or the families and supporters.

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