The Autism Trust UK

We proudly sell products made by individual with autism and related conditions and their families - showing that it's not about what individuals with autism can't do, but what they can. 

Have you got anything to sell in Polly's Place?

Your contributions help us provide vocational opportunities for individuals with autism and generates funds for The Autism Trust so we can continue to provide a future with purpose for young adults with autism.

We operate a sale or return policy and tend to mark all the items up 100% so we can fully reimburse the artist as well as supporting the work of The Autism Trust. Should  you wish to donate all funds from your products to support the trust, please let us know on the form below.

Conditions of your Contribution:-

Please read carefully before sending any product. Thank you.

  • The items you wish to sell through us, may not be advertised or sold anywhere else while the products are with Polly's Place.
  • Sale or return policy. We will try to sell the items for you and if sold will  reimburse the artist/supplier 50% if requested.
  • The arrangements and cost of shipping (if any) of your products to us are the responsibility of the Artist/Supplier.
  • Should the unsold products need to be returned for what-so-ever reason, is it the responsibility of the artist/supplier to arrange and incur the cost (if any) of shipment to them.
  • Please provide a head & shoulder photograph of yourself and a short biography that you wish to be posted with your product on the form.                                                                                                                                                     eg: Matthew was diagnosed with autism in 2008. He grasped perspective from the age of 5 and is particularly good at drawing trains, sinking ships, maps and ancient Egypt, most in pen, or charcoal pencil. He lends a unique  touch to familiar landscapes.

If you'd like to participate and sell in our social enterprise store, you can send your handmade and homemade items along with this completed Artist Contribution Form - ** Form**

to our UK location at:

The Autism Trust - Polly's Place
12a-18a Princess Way
GU15 3SP

Contact Mo Wilson with any questions or ideas 

Please Read on 3rd page of the form above the Conditions of your Contribution and information you will need to agree to before we can try & sell for you. Thank you. 


Welcome to The Autism Trust and Polly's Place Shop & Gallery, A Vocational training & support centre for Individuals with autism & families. All products and art are crafted by individuals with autism, or the families and supporters.

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