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Smudging Feather

Hannah Lee


Hannah was born in Oxon. She comes from a line of artists; Grandfather a painter, Aunt a sculptress and Mother a painter. This placed Hannah in good stead for her choice in vocation. Hannah studied and in 1988 graduated with a photography degree. She set up a thriving business specializing in theatre portraits.

In 2014, Hannah was diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum. Hannah feels her painting techniques have changed, including cloud formations, abstract, landscapes and human form studies. Her works derive from a spiritual world and the product of meditation.


These Smudging Feathers were lovingly crafted by Hannah in a variety of colours and designs, and could be used with Hannah's homemade Incense also available in the Polly's Place Shop.


How To Use Your Feather

Smudging yourself daily is a wonderful practice.  Using a feather gently fan the smoke of the sacred herb of choice onto your body, starting at the top of the body and moving downward.  Then using the feather gently blow the smoke to cleanse any objects or space desired.  If this is done indoors, always have a window or door open during the smudging.


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