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Furb Puffer Ball

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These are large sensory toys that are fantastic to touch, squish, stretch, throw, and play with... the ultimate toy to enjoy. The air filled ball is extremely soft to touch, so it will be great for the user, with lots of stretchy tentacles that are just fun to pull. All colours react fantastic under UV black light, making this ideal for use in a black room. It’s an easy ball to catch with, easy to take all the stress away, when needed! You can stretch it, throw it, do anything you like with it. It’s useful for children and adults with special needs. It is also you washable and highly appealing to play with.

Caution: Adult supervision recommended at all times.

Supplied in 3 colours: Blue, Pink & Purple. Measures approx. 18cm. Age 5 Years+

(Cleaning Instructions: Wash with mild soap and water, allow to air dry, and apply talcum powder (prevents product becoming sticky).

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