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The Autism Trust Christmas Card Competition Winners Pack

The Autism Trust

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The lucky winners of our Christmas Card Competition have created 10 very beautiful designs, all for the wonderful purpose of spreading autism awareness this season.The full amount helps the charity continue the good work they do as Mandi Rodwell from has very generously sponsored the printing of these very, very special cards. What is so nice is that the individuals at the Trust had so much fun collating and packing them for you!

Each Card was lovingly created by an individual with autism/Aspergers or their supporters for our competition - What a lovely set of cards they make for you to send. Details of each artist is enclosed.

Give Autism A Chance this Christmas Please.

No Shipping Charge on this special card pack.

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Welcome to The Autism Trust and Polly's Place Shop & Gallery, A Vocational training & support centre for Individuals with autism & families. All products and art are crafted by individuals with autism, or the families and supporters.

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