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Amber Glass Earrings

Asiyah K. Al-Rawi

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Asiyah, who everyone calls Ash, has a visual arts degree and is currently studying web design. She loves all aspects of creativity, one of which is making jewellery as it runs in the family. Ash's mother, Zatoon Khaliq, encouraged her to look into Polly's Place in support of autism. Her little brother, Usman, is autistic and they have a very close relationship. It gives Ash great pleasure in making more jewellery knowing that the funds will be going to this cause.

Ash is 27, married and has her first son, so it's always hectic on a day to day basis. She studying during the day when her son is down for a nap, and makes jewellery in the evening when he has gone to bed.

You can look out for more pieces from Asiyah as she would like to keep making jewellery! These stylish earrings made from beautiful amber glass were lovingly handcrafted to support autism.

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